How We Became Homeowners – Faith To Move Mountains

Even though it’s been a little over 4 months since my husband and I moved into our very own home, I still take time to reflect and marvel at how awesome God is. If you had told me this time last year that we would be where we are now, I would have politely smiled at you and emphatically laughed to myself because it probably seemed highly impossible at the time.  Come to think of it, this exact time last year I would have laughed (and probably cried) at the thought of having another baby…little did I know I would soon find out that I was pregnant with baby #3! (Never say never! Who knows what next year or even next week will bring.)

After having a much needed and literal wake up call last July, thank you Pastor Helga, I started thinking about the fact that we were about to expand our family and how it was time we got a place to call our own. This was all well and good except for the fact that we had just moved into what seemed to be a perfectly located little condo less than a year prior. I had already settled and come to grips with the thought that we would be there, renting, for at least the next 5 years and that was okay with me, even with the soon arrival of a new baby. (Don’t get too complacent and comfortable with where you are. Sometimes, God is trying to push you to someplace better!)

By mid August my spirit was repeatedly unsettled and I finally mustered up the courage to ask my husband about his thoughts on looking for a home. I figured he would ask me if I were joking since we recently signed that lease and also since we had no plans of moving and therefore no funds set aside to do so. Lo’ and behold, after speaking with him, he was actually open to the idea. He did wonder about the qualification process and of course the down payment and more importantly to him, he wondered if it would be too stressful for my then 5 month pregnant body to handle. However, after reassuring him that I was fine, the journey to owning our home began!

Looking back now, there are 2 key things that God reminded me of:

#1. Earlier that year I decided to give an offering to my local church (sowing a financial seed as we call it), specifically putting “home-ownership” on the envelope. Even though I had long forgotten about it shortly thereafter, my gift was getting ready to give back to me. I have come to learn that seeds sown in good soil will always grow and produce what it needs to! Also, some seeds take longer than others to grow. Just because you may not see the fruits of your labor just yet, doesn’t mean the fruits aren’t growing!

#2. Faith is about believing that something can happen even though it hasn’t, and then actually doing something because of that belief. Even with little to no (more veering on the side of no) money for a down payment or moving expenses, with limited time to find a home and limited time to get all the necessary paperwork, inspections and appraisals done, even with a big belly, full time job and 2 kids to raise, I decided to have faith that we could do it. We could become homeowners. My faith was the size of a grapefruit and I put my grapefruit in a big old faith plate and placed it in God’s hands. Remember this: it’s good to talk a good game (like saying you have faith) but if you’re scared to actually play the game (by doing nothing about the faith), then all that talk amounts to nothing.

Believe it or not, my initial contact with a banker was on August 22nd and on the 27th of October, we were signing our mortgage documents and moving into our new home! Thank you Lord!

Is your faith big enough to move a mountain?

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where I give more details of our home buying process and share a few tips I learned during our journey that may help you!

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