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Time To Get Fit!

Captain’s Log. Day 10,456 of this quarantine. (At least that’s what it feels like). Days are turning into weeks and weeks into what seems like forever. It’s slowly starting to sink in that life may be like this for a while. Being stuck in the …

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So Proud! Introducing Lyric’s Transcript

I’m so excited as my kids are ready to start their own social channels now based on their interests. First out of the gate is my oldest. She loves drawing and writing stories and the occasional game playing. This is her first Youtube video under …

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Lockdown Activity

Monday Recap

Today was great! Let me tell you, having a schedule makes a HUGE difference. Before, we were really just winging it as the day went on. With the schedule, the kids knew what to expect, I knew what to expect and the day had some …

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Dear Diary…. Day 3 of Please Help!

So this is Day 3 of when I started counting but it’s really been like 3 weeks at this point. The days are starting to blur into each other. I’m losing track of time and it’s all starting to feel like one crazy long day. …

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Dear Diary… Help!

Lockdown Diary Day 1 of I’ve been doing this for too long…. today was as interesting as the last 14 days I’ve been doing this. Work was as good as work could be and it’s now evening time. Usually, on a “when life used to …

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Nothing But Lockdown

Of course, it took a complete lock down to bring me out of hiding and clear up my schedule to write more. I guess there is always some kind of good in every bad situation. If there’s one thing we’re all (well at least I …

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20191127 072847

What’s On The Menu?

It’s that time of year again.. I feel like I’m going to be saying this a lot for the next few weeks 🙂 But it’s THANKSGIVING time again! Time to dust off that table cloth, break out all the pots and pans in the kitchen …

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20191125 074034

The Morning Mile Walk Challenge

If you read my last blog post you’ll know by now that I have put on a “few extra” pounds. No need to dwell on that fact but it does bring me to my newly found solution on my road to recovery: Walking a mile …

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Turkey Day Is On The Way

It’s almost here! The day to eat your cares away 🙂 Well, not really but it certainly the single day of the year that I eat the most food in a 24 hour period. While this is usually not a problem for me, even in …

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The Baby We Never Knew But Lost…

It’s been over a week since I’ve posted and I have to be honest I really struggled with this one… But I started this blog years ago to be open and honest with things we deal with as moms and so I hope that as …

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