Date Night 1 – Hello Wakanda!

Finally! Finally I got to watch and enjoy the famous Black Panther movie. #HelloWakanda! Well, let’s pause there for a moment. More importantly… Finally, Finally I got to resume date night with my favorite guy in the whole world – the love of my life!

I was so excited about our planned evening that I actually took the time during the day to look for something to wear. I knew of course that this would be a challenge… I’m a “few” pounds heavier after the baby. 🙂 So after a few disappointing dress pulls, tugging and hops into jeans, I finally found a dress that actually fit that had some type of African type print. I carefully laid it on the bed as if it were a newborn baby, careful not to let anything disturb this chosen one of outfits.  Now, I’ll be honest.. when I say it fit, I meant it got up on me and looked fine, besides the fact that the zipper wouldn’t go up, but I somehow convinced myself that I just wasn’t pulling hard enough and that this could be fixed when it was time to go.

I found matching accessories and smiled proudly at myself that I was actually prepared in advance. (Yay for fulfilling New Years Resolutions!)  The hours flew by as they always do, and the time had finally come to get ready. Just then I ended up on a phone call with a friend that required my attention, but I’m usually good at multitasking so this night would be no exception. After that wrapped up, it was really time to leave and the only thing left to do was for me to put on the dress. (Cue detective music)

Well… I put the dress on, like earlier, but also like earlier, it would not zip up. I decided to call for backup and asked my strong husband to help me out. He tried… and tried… and tried. The minutes flew by. No luck. He decided to go in the garage and look for pliers to assist. (Yes, pliers). After a good tug, I watched in horror as the zipper pulled  away from the dress and in what seemed to be slow motion, fly into the air and land somewhere on the floor. The movie started at 7:30 and it was now 7:33. Okay Corain, don’t panic.

In the middle of the “I’m so sorry baby” pleas from my husband, I calmly walked back to our closet and started the search again. I stumbled upon another version of the same dress that I didn’t even try on before because of the size. I decided to say a little prayer and attempted to put the last hope dress on. Drum roll please…. IT FIT! yippeee!!! But there was no time for rejoicing. I quickly ran to find matching accessories and calmed my distressed husband’s nerves by telling him I was fine and we ran out the door. Yes, it was 7:42 at this point but I knew that there would be at least 20 minutes worth of commercials and I was right! We made it right in time to see the last commercial, pull our recliner movie chair up and enjoy The Black Panther movie.

Now I must say that as with every other Marvel movie, we thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was awesome and as with every other Marvel movie, we are those type to stay to the very very VERY end. Like when they come in to clean up the popcorn, we’re just leaving. It was worth it to stay this time. If you haven’t seen it yet, which I doubt, just know to stay to the very end as there were 2 after movie, credit scenes. That’s all I’ll say about it. The movie was as great as expected and that concluded our date night for February. Can’t wait for Date Night in’s gonna be one heck of a “ride”…Stay tuned! 🙂

As you know we just had our beautiful baby girl a month ago and we’ve been on a date night pause for quite some time. If you’ve been married for some time, especially if you have kids, you may know how hard it is to find some alone time with your spouse. There’s so much to do in any given day: work, kids, house chores, buying groceries, paying bills and the list goes on and on. Spending alone time with your spouse (and not just laying beside them at nighttime) can become a really big challenge and almost seem impossible. But let me tell you from experience, my husband and I have found that we MUST spend some alone time with each other every now and again. Our relationship with each other is just as important as our relationship with our kids and so in the same way that we make sure we spend time with them, we have to equally spend time with each other. You would be surprised how quickly you and your spouse can grow apart but still live together. Unbeknownst to any one of you, your relationship can quickly become more like a college dorm experience – you have become roommates instead of life partners. This is why I stress the importance of date night. I’ve already scheduled babysitters for our date nights for the entire 2018 year, which are already posted on our family calendar… I want to date my husband forever. We’re both growing as individuals and it’s important that we grow together. There’s always something new to learn about your spouse and that shouldn’t be missed or taken for granted. So be sure to do your date night and keep it fresh. If you’re looking for ideas, keep following me – I’ll post every time. 🙂

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