Kids Activities Schedule – Wednesday

Here we go for Wednesday! This schedule system is a huge hit and definitely needed as we’re entering into a reality that could involve the kids being home schooled for the remainder of the school year. Today went very well again, the kids really enjoyed the outdoor hopscotch which we also turned into a spoon race. (The schedule is a guide but feel free to add on or adjust as needed!) My husband also is the best cook and I’m so happy to have him! (Shout-out to you babes!)

If you’d like to join the super planning mom activity plan with me, add your email below and I’ll be sure to send you the schedule ahead of time so you can participate. Be sure to snap a pic of your kids, add the hashtag #iamsoamom and post to the I Am So A Mom Facebook Group! If you’re not in the group, join now! It’s quick, easy fun and free 🙂

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