Monday Recap

Today was great! Let me tell you, having a schedule makes a HUGE difference. Before, we were really just winging it as the day went on. With the schedule, the kids knew what to expect, I knew what to expect and the day had some order to it. The kids were actually very excited about the different activities and especially enjoyed the Scavenger Hunt. So in case you missed it, click here to see Monday’s schedule.

So breakfast went without a hitch, except I’m usually engaged at work for 8am so hubby took over for breakfast. He got up a little late so it was more like 8:30 but they still had time to begin school at 9am. The entire 9am-12pm went just about exactly as it was scheduled. My daughter though had a Zoom meeting with her school so she skipped the Fractions and Typing Practice to do that but my son enjoyed them both.


I was able to take a quick lunch to make the scheduled hot dog and chips lunch which they all enjoyed. Then entered the scavenger hunt. So they were tasked with choosing an item to be the “treasure” which they were to hide somewhere around or outside the house. (They opted for inside). They then had to create 5 clues that would eventually lead us to the treasure. Each clue was to take us to another clue with the final clue leading to the treasure. I must say, we all enjoyed that one. Our treasure turned out to be a rubik’s cube!

After that wrapped up it was time for the kids to enjoy their own time. This gave my husband and I time to get our work done as well. We all completed the schedule with a good old family game of Clue before dinner was prepared and served on time. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds! Working on the schedule. Will post later!!

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