Money Saving Tip #1: Know Your Finances

Welcome along our journey to helping you SAVE your money!! Let’s be honest, everyone could use money. Some of us a little more than others but at the end of the day we all need money to pay our bills, go on vacations, fix our cars and houses, send our kids to school and a whole lot more.

Money is valuable and we should always do our part to ensure that we’re managing it as best as we can. After all, you did work hard to get it! I dubbed this month as Money Saving March and I hope that by the end of it, you would be a money saving pro with a few (or a lot of) extra dollars in your pocket every month! Let’s start off with Tip 1:

What do your finances look like? Not just in your mind but in actuality. Do you know the exact amount of money that you need to cover bills every month? What do they look like in comparison to the amount of money that you’re bringing in?

Before you can make a plan to save, you have to see if you even have $$ to save every month. None of the other money saving tips will matter if this one is not addressed first. You should make it a point to have a written down account of your income (the money that you have coming into the house) and your expenses (the money that you have to spend to live and do the things you need). If you don’t already have one, FRET NOT!

As part of this money saving journey, I will be supporting your cause and offering you occasional freebies. Today’s freebie is a Financial Status Excel Sheet that you can use as often as you like to help keep you abreast of your financial life. I implore you to take the time to use it and see just how much of a workout your wallet is doing every month. Just enter your email below and check for your download!

Stay tuned for Money Saving Tip #2!

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