Time To Get Fit!

Captain’s Log. Day 10,456 of this quarantine. (At least that’s what it feels like). Days are turning into weeks and weeks into what seems like forever. It’s slowly starting to sink in that life may be like this for a while. Being stuck in the house with work, kids and food I can assure you has put on a few extra (unnecessary and unwelcomed) pounds. So, what do we do?? We WORK OUT!

But let’s be honest, if we left it completely up to ourselves all the time, we’d never get the workout we need. Not unless you’ve already somehow incorporated it into your daily routine. But if you’re like me, the only exercise you get is an occasional running after your baby who just ran off with the remote. So to get to these pounds, I called in a professional!

Certified Fitness Trainer and a dear friend, Mr. Jelani WIlliams to the rescue! We did a fitness workout session and believe you me, it took A LOT out of me but I was so happy that I did it, to put some energy in these bones. I have decided to subject myself to complete scrutiny by sharing the workout session with you so that you too can join along and get your blood pumping. Watch, laugh, enjoy, participate and look out for the next Virtual Live GETFIT Session that you can join in LIVE!!!

Come on let’s GetFit!!

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